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Trying to stay cool out here with windows covered in foil.

The idea is that reflective surfaces reflect sunlight while black surfaces absorb light, so making windows reflective should make the room nice and cool.

I don’t know why the birdsite shows this instead of, you know, showing nothing.

Seems like a great way to invite the user to harassment from entitled people.

Woo! My average heart rate while walking has lowered. It apparently is a sign of being healthier!

I’ve just finished working. My eyes absolutely ache from staring at a screen all day.

Brexit, UK Politics 

My very detailed and pointed discussion on UK being wrong to quit the EU is as follows

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Me everytime I open Twitter

(shamelessly stolen from

I really respect the hell out of RMT union leader Mick Lynch

Just found out that we can customize what we get notified for in Mastodon.

This is honestly great. I love the Mastodon web interface, but it is *super* chatty about things it thinks I should care about.

Nice to be able to filter out notifications and sounds to what I think are important stuff (replies, mostly)

And you can;t see it, but that part is scrollable so there are more options to mute/unmute.

UK Politics 

Johnson will say he will keep going after suffering double by-election defeat.

At this point this man is wholly inept or corrupt. I think it is a mix of both - I can't imagine with results like this anyone would want to stay in his role for long.

He must be planted there for some very wealthy elite(s) to do their bidding with Johnson as their vessel.

That, or nobody can quite figure out who to replace Johnson with. They're all shit.

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