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@indiedee Christ I know the feeling. Not sure if you are in your 30s, but I’ve found that definitely happens now I’m in my 30s. It also used to happen in my 20s and that hurt me a lot. I think I’ve just learned to enjoy my own time more. Sorry that you’re going through this.

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@sascha someone else wanted to use a website on their phone with the same features. I tried forking and fixing it, but the build system is so obsolete it failed to build on my machine without changes. So I just remade the thing.

As for why someone wants this, that’s not my problem. I can’t imagine being remotely concerned about why someone wants to convert rich text to markdown.

Bobby Caldwell, the absolute R&B legend:

Bobby Caldwell - You Belong To Me

After seeing a toot on here about someone quite literally blocked out of using a Rich Text to Markdown conversion tool online, I tried to fix it but built my own instead:


Feel free to use it on mobile etc. It *should* work as a PWA app, so you can have it installed on your phone, ready to go!

@AgreeableLandscape So! That was... fun.

I tried forking and just building the original repo and I got so many build errors. It was when I noticed the repo was 7 years out of date that I thought "sod it, I'll build my own"

And that turned out to be a hell of a (fun) rabbit hole, but here is a temp thing:


@AgreeableLandscape That's another way of doing it.

Sod it, I'm going to fork the project and actually fix it.

@AgreeableLandscape It is comically easy to get a website like that to work on mobile phones. There is no excuse for such a trash website design.

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Screw you. If there's no actual technical reason you can't support my device, I don't want to hear your opinions on my device. #programming

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Here's another song off the Blood and Blackouts #HeavyMetal release. This one might actually have the lyrics rejected by Apple for, well, uh, not being very friendly toward organized religion. We'll see!

RDCWorld1 does it again

How Scientists gonna act when the Climate finally Messes up the Earth

Had under 5 hrs of sleep last night. Absolutely shattered beyond belief. And yet I have to work (luckily it's wfh day so I'll see if I can get some quick naps in)


1. Shorter day at work
2. Got to see an old friend
3. Finished watching lawnmower man!

The Lawnmower man was so good! Perhaps because I watched the directors cut, but it was so much more better than what I was expecting.

Is it cheesy? Yeah. Also a little dated. It’s to be expected. But if you can look past that, you’ve got a very solid, enjoyable film!

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