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Just found SimCity 4 is on Steam for £5 for both Windows AND MacOS versions...

Well there goes my fiver...

Man, how did anyone manage using Strings with C code?

Every time I take a look, it's like a sniper rifle that always locks onto the developer's foot.

All the horribleness of C arrays plus the weird rule of *having* to terminate with '\0' or the string will endlessly run...

A lil note to self, I finished watching the Arrays video.

Now, off to sleep 😴

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A classic song. I admit it is a bit cringe because of the context of Phil Collins being v. bitter towards his ex-wife, but ignoring that it's a great tune.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

I cannot stress how much I love this song. It's just such a beautiful, wonderful song

P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

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Now I know how the guy in the Sistine chapel picture felt #Caturday

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@fallenhitokiri Gitea and Codeberg devs along with Gitlab devs have been working recently on a git hosting federation protocol and its implementation.

The fact that GitHub has not been involved in this initiative is just another stone for is grave.


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What's everyone's thoughts on the #githubcopilot story. I mean if you already use #GitHub are you not bothered by what's happening and will stay put ? Or are you considering shifting to another git repo such as #codeberg or even self hosting with #Gitea ?Please boost for a wider reach TIA 😉

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As #GiveUpGitHub is gaining some traction I see some people moving from GitHub to #codeberg and while codeberg seems like a decent project / service I still wonder when we stop the centralization of a decentralized VCS.

This would also have been a good opportunity to just abandon git for something that IMHO might be more suitable for lots of projects and people like Fossil.

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UK Politics 🇬🇧 / Poll 🗳 

Which do you think between Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland will splinter away from England in the next 10 years?

A #ukpol multiple choice #poll about possible #independence referendum and their outcome.


1. Had a good walk outside
2. Hoovered downstairs
3. Managed to finish watching Season 4 of Stranger Things! :scremcat:

Just finished watching Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 2. It was very good!

I won't say anything more 🤐

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