proud to announce the new novel "The Bell Curve", written under my nom de plume, Homer Phobia. in which our detective must foil a nefarious plan to install halal tap water in every women's bathroom

gonna write a bot to repeatedly illegally download proprietary software until the software companies go under. that's totally how this works right?

@rosyclouds23: not to mention the various other places that were also pretty damn good at medicine but were too far away to influence Europeans realizing that washing your ass more than once a month might be a good idea

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Seeing people talk about "western medicine," ha more like "western asia medicine," get it because that's where most of it is from

just awful 

ancaps inventing a time machine to go back in time and purchase ayn rand's bathwater

carl marks was the founder and ceo of communism. he once said in his new york times best seller novel, 'the communist manifesto', "socialism is when government does stuff, hungry, and have no iphone"

has anybody else started a joke religion and then accidentally made it so cool that you started believing in it?

some bullshit probably 

hacking into elom nusk's twitter and changing his bio to "anime actually sucks tho, memes are bad too" to instantly radicalize all redditors

ever notice how the redshirts in star trek... have red shirts? guys i think star trek might be promoting communism

this 'existence' thing is too political i think we should harass the devs on twitter until they remove this 'white supremacy' narrative from the game it's ruining the gameplay experience

came back to mastodon after a while of being away, what the fuck is happening this time?

I love to harass people online over their appearance and other random shit instead of calling them out over what I actually think they did wrong.

elong must 

if i was a billionaire i would use my ridiculous cult of personality to get white people to understand structural racism and radicalize the masses instead of pretending to be a weeaboo and supporting a coup in bolivia

ethnic identity struggles 

I used to think I'd retained maybe like 30-40% of my parents' culture but now I think it's more like 5-10% fuck the suburbs

I love folk punk but holy shit. White people denouncing showers and soap too often. How many plagues could have been prevented if your ancestors bathed more often. Bacteria are not a social construct PATRICK

I’m awake, time to check mastodon for my daily dose of radicalization

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