getting cock and ball torture in front of a live studio audience asmr

time to pick up yet another language that i will spend about 5 minutes a week practicing basic vocabulary of

hey if any of you wanted to know how to stop getting called an armchair anarchist? just start doing some irl praxis that'll show em

using GPT to generate incriminating posts with watchlist words in them to be posted by a swarm of bots to fuck with the mass surveillance system

🍎 Jailbreak your iphone and hack the OS

🤖 Root and flash your android phones with custom OSes you can play with

🖥 Flash your computer's bios to show ascii art on POST

🏳️‍🌈 Cover everything you own in stickers and patches

⚧ Hack your endocrine system. Steal genders or cobble your own together with spare parts

Own your stuff inside and out. Customize it to make a statement, reflect your identity, or just because you can. It belongs to you and no one else. Leave your mark on it. ✊


PILF is the gender neutral version of MILF/DILF, in case you were wondering

if you date someone who's the same kind of leftist as you that's sectarianism. if you date someone who's a different kind that's left unity

Oh no, it would be TERRIBLE if the landlords in my region formed a union.... It would be SO HORRIBLE if they went on strike and stopped collecting rent.... Everyone would SURELY realize how important and valuable their services are

I'd like to credit Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) for making me both a furry and an anarchist before I even knew what those words meant

the existence of leftist unity and leftist intersectionality implies the existence of leftist set theory

im gonna invent macrobloggibg 50k characters minimum

Happy pronouns day to everyone who has pronouns! let us know your favourites in the comments

proud to announce the new novel "The Bell Curve", written under my nom de plume, Homer Phobia. in which our detective must foil a nefarious plan to install halal tap water in every women's bathroom

gonna write a bot to repeatedly illegally download proprietary software until the software companies go under. that's totally how this works right?

@rosyclouds23: not to mention the various other places that were also pretty damn good at medicine but were too far away to influence Europeans realizing that washing your ass more than once a month might be a good idea

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Seeing people talk about "western medicine," ha more like "western asia medicine," get it because that's where most of it is from

just awful 

ancaps inventing a time machine to go back in time and purchase ayn rand's bathwater

carl marks was the founder and ceo of communism. he once said in his new york times best seller novel, 'the communist manifesto', "socialism is when government does stuff, hungry, and have no iphone"

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