Can you guess when was a link to one of my projects shared here on fedi yesterday?

Seriously, we're getting close to having a true "Fediverse effect" (c.f. ). :blobaww:

@rysiek Yeah, but you have to consider the traffic from servers fetching the preview. (Sorry)

@Gargron oh, that's exactly what I meant. I should have made it clear. 👍

@Gargron that said, at some point a conversation might need to happen on how to stop fedi from accidentally becoming a distributed denial of service tool.

400 requests in a few short minutes is something that *could* already cause some issues for some poorly configured sites. And fedi is growing.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that in a year or two it grows to a level where posting a link can bring most WordPress sites down for a few minutes.

With deniability ("I was only sharing).


@rysiek @Gargron I guess it's safe as long as we're talking about a few hundreds in few minutes, not seconds. And even then disruption will be only temporary. But if it is really a problem, maybe it's worth to report an issue? Fediverse probably could somehow fetch preview once and share it internally.

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