excuse for using public.

i'm looking for mutuals (long-term friends) i also no nick user, please leave a trace so i'll follow you as soon. thx before 💗

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@Julica hey cutie, ah maybe not shy girl? ㅋㅋㅋ

@winterr hey debut girl, finally you got it dear. i'm excited for aespa d-day 😍💗

@ruse Yes, after a long awaited! Thank you for the support, unnie. I hope your schedule will go well too! Wish us luck. :blobmiou:

@nctjisung Jisung annyeong, may i get a followback? be friend with me. 🥺

@ruse A follow has been sent, noona! Let's mingle well :0180:

@jeynnie MY HUBBY! finally i found my member mate 💗😍

@ruse glad to hear that! Anw selamat pagi menjelang siang💖

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