@jinny hi gorgeous, it's been a long time since we are training together. it seems you are prettier than before i'm falling :ablobcatheart: :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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ㅡ Welcome to RPW UPFOLL

Base ini merupakan sub-base dari @RPWBASE yang di khususkan bagi akun rp yang ingin upfoll

Silahkan boost + reply toot untuk mendapatkan fb

@jisvo izin rosé ya kak, kalau boleh aku mau request this pic. well thankyou before 💗

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guys i need interaction not followers to be honest— please use DM for ask followback for everyone.. my timeline got a mess T ____ T

@YIEN blessing my eyes to see this one in the morning..

@stux sleep well stux the cutiepie 👻🥰💫💓

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# keren banget autobase bisa langsung adaptasi sama platform baru. 🥺😍

b-but so comfortable with this server, how to move..

@jeynnie MY HUBBY! finally i found my member mate 💗😍

@nctjisung Jisung annyeong, may i get a followback? be friend with me. 🥺

@winterr hey debut girl, finally you got it dear. i'm excited for aespa d-day 😍💗

@Julica hey cutie, ah maybe not shy girl? ㅋㅋㅋ

hello unnyie @kseulgi —! 💗
may i get a followback? and be friend with me.

excuse for using public.

i'm looking for mutuals (long-term friends) i also no nick user, please leave a trace so i'll follow you as soon. thx before 💗

guys this platform will be fun and comfortable if you have ONE account / head and A LOT FRIENDs instead have A LOT ACCs and ZERO friend. 🙃

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