Tennessee is about to be the first state to make it a felony to camp on public property, like parks. This means criminalizing homelessness at the same time as housing costs skyrocket. It’s hard to see how this leads to anything other than imprisonment for the crime of being poor.

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With public camping a felony, Tennessee homeless seek refuge apnews.com/article/voting-righ


netflix did a decent documentary on this insidious effort, called The Family.
i don't pay for the service anymore but it's a decent watch and fairly informative for those that don't know about this movement.


An off-duty officer put his knee on a 12-year-old girl's neck to break up a school fight. The girl is now being charged


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@EU_Commission This is a great start!

Next, let's phase out all oil and put Europe on the path to energy independence via renewables. Let's also be more inclusive of persons from across the world who are fleeing conflict and persecution.

What. The. Hell.

This city is banning having room mates. Even if you can pool enough money we will prevent you from using it that way.

"Co-living rentals banned in this Johnson County city after unanimous council vote"


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