Seeds of Spring is comic book version of the biography of Peter Kropotkin. A Russian anarchist who abandoned his noble birth to become a scientist and revolutionary, told from the perspective of Naguset, indigenous teen, reading his biography during a particularly rough year in her life. In many ways, Kropotkin’s life parallelles her own experiences.


100$ CAD for a full body colored character like these ones
DM me with any information & discussion ☺️

Peter Kropotkin’s father once had a servant who obtained her freedom by dressing up as the ghost of his late wife and reminding him that it was a promise he made to her before she died.

Recently completed commission. I have never drawn an alligator before so it was fun do do.
I am currently availble to take more commissions for characters :)

New D&D commission recently finished. If you would like your character or OC done in this style, feel free to contact me

Having lots of fun with this current volume of Seeds of Spring. I appreciate having new visual setting to draw.

I don't post as much art as I would like because more of my art time is dedicated to Seeds of Spring. I am a few pages into book 5. Here is a recently completed page.

Really quick Sandman fan art that I drew last night before going to bed, just because I hope we get to see this character in the show does a season 2

Issue 4 of Seeds of Spring, the comic I have been posting clips from, is now out on the publisher’s website. It’s a biography of The famous russian anarchist, Peter Kropotkin, told in parallel with the story of a really rough year in the life of a modern canadian Mi’kmaq teenager called Naguset.

Doing some research for upcoming volumes of Seeds of Spring and I am discovering how beautiful the houses in Newfoundland are.

Hi everyone. Is there a here? My name is Sacha, I am a comic artist working on historical/YA series called Seeds of Spring. (It's a biography of the Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin told through the perspective of a Canadian Mi'kmaq teenager)

I also take commisions for fantasy/TTRPG characters.

Some more stuff. I was recently contacted by a Québec based youtube channel to illustrate 2 characters for their current campaign.

I am particularly proud of how these came out.

If you are interested in getting a commission of your character like these, ou can contact me in private of on Ko-Fi

Hey everyone. While I am between books, I am opening up commissions for fantasy characters. If you would like an illustration of your D&D character or OC, you can contact me direct or via Ko-Fi

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