@sacredbirdman @dch @yaaps @amirouche @humanetech @person @alexandra Though I should say, I do have a few existing smalltech browser engines I'm keeping in mind when writing HTMLite. I'm trying not to write anything which contradicts them.

Which can be tricky since there's little keeping them in common!

@sacredbirdman @dch @yaaps @amirouche @humanetech @person @alexandra In which case you might want to know: I got tempted to undeprecate the HTML <menu> element and contextmenu attribute.

Even with scripting, I would prefer if webapps didn't have to choose between custom and native contextmenus, both can be very handy!

ok so, as a step towards pushing for more open-source work remuneration, I have setup github sponsors stuff. see it at github.com/sponsors/falkTX

I know not everybody likes github, but we have to appreciate their effort of trying to bring money to such projects. I have git.kx.studio/ as a backup in case everything fails.

I will be setting up "sponsor" links in all my projects, like you can see in github.com/falkTX/kuriborosu

Initial/experimental LV2 just landed in latest reaper dev build, nice to finally see LV2 in a commercial DAW 😮 🎉

@andrewrk I hope you could find a way to post stuff here as well.. Not really a fan of Twitter, so it'd be great to be able to follow your posts here.


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