5PM on the dot! It's FLOOR TIME, BITCHES!! Get on the ground and just kinda stay there and think. Easier than therapy, similar results! FLOOR TIME!!!!

This might be really useful. Which person will have an easier time at baggage claim: someone looking for a black suitcase or the person looking for the flesh bag that REEKS

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PETA launches gruesome online shop with goods made of 'human' leathers trib.al/ij1ek82

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Before it becomes (more of) a serious threat, I want it to be known that OMNICROM™ is a rad name. Right up there with Trinitron.

consider this my charitable donation from my undiscovered indie-pop/rock playlist

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very fun google dork: Google indexes public Spotify playlists. So if I wanted to see playlists that include both "Tongue Tied" and "No You Girls"

I had GPT3 create some blog post ideas for me. Some are good. Most sound like tweets from my drafts folder.

state: anyone who wants a booster can now get one
the time-slots:

I think I'm in a Lyft A/B test cause I keep getting popups telling me to try it

Name a more chilling text to receive without context from your dad because I sure can't

A non-disable-able notification telling you that notifications are muted

We must do better to increase voter turnout in Central Park. Tragic.

Welcome back to yet another Absolutely Scalding Take: Don't go out of your way to write pretty code for yourself. Who are you trying to impress? Do this, it does not remotely matter.

This can also be a strong argument for why I should not be allowed to script Java.

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