Marcus is such a silly name for a financial product and I think we should name way more products after names. "This is Maurice, our new HVAC system."

Wrote a brief review of the new Kim Petras single, I believe you'll agree with my assessment

5PM on the dot! It's FLOOR TIME, BITCHES!! Get on the ground and just kinda stay there and think. Easier than therapy, similar results! FLOOR TIME!!!!

Tired: Marriage proposal
Wired: Multi-year collab pitch

This might be really useful. Which person will have an easier time at baggage claim: someone looking for a black suitcase or the person looking for the flesh bag that REEKS


PETA launches gruesome online shop with goods made of 'human' leathers


Before it becomes (more of) a serious threat, I want it to be known that OMNICROM™ is a rad name. Right up there with Trinitron.

how can I make a midi auto-play when someone visits my profile

what do you think the longest wikipedia articles are? you're probably right with the first one, you are absolutely wrong with everything else.

Made a little web toy for ya during the holiday. It lets you draw neat, symmetrical doodles called mandalas. There's a bunch of neat settings to mess with. It supports Apple Pencil pressure input, too!

consider this my charitable donation from my undiscovered indie-pop/rock playlist

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the last five tracks I've saved are all under 50k streams. am i...a hot shot Music Supervisor???? r/ga hit me up

very fun google dork: Google indexes public Spotify playlists. So if I wanted to see playlists that include both "Tongue Tied" and "No You Girls"

I had GPT3 create some blog post ideas for me. Some are good. Most sound like tweets from my drafts folder.

CSS with no classes or ID's - all selectors are based on my personal thoughts, dreams and aspirations

I have some sympathy. I have the luxury of being able to rip out all this inline script junk that changes an image button's appearance on hover and replace it with .close-btn:hover { filter: brightness(.8) }

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currently reverse engineering a website from 2009. this is hell. were web designers allergic to semantic markup?

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