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Television. What is it and what can you do to put a stop to it

I'm running out of made-up handles and display name puns to use in app mockups. I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel here:

Is Wanda Sykes Okay
@ IWandaHowShesDoing

Mimsy Fugnix
@ fuglife

Bubble Boy
@ itsmoors

Art Vandelay
@ cardsaysmoops

Name a more chilling text to receive without context from your dad because I sure can't

M1 Pro hauls ass running R scripts. 4 minutes to do a bunch of wacky regex stuff on 70mb of TSVs.

A non-disable-able notification telling you that notifications are muted

We must do better to increase voter turnout in Central Park. Tragic.

I'm not doing this because I like it. I'm doing this because I'm cheap and don't want to give money to a no-code service

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Welcome back to yet another Absolutely Scalding Take: Don't go out of your way to write pretty code for yourself. Who are you trying to impress? Do this, it does not remotely matter.

This can also be a strong argument for why I should not be allowed to script Java.

do people (want to?) use their apple pencil for interaction or just to write/draw stuff in certain apps

I wrote an essay on why we should get rid of the Star Spangled Banner and replace it with a much better song. Please enjoy.

Visual design is mostly an order of operations like PEMDAS. Align things to a grid, space things out in intervals of 8, make text #111 instead of black, apply a #00000080 to #00000000 gradient tint over images if you're overlaying text, etc

ASMA doesn't roll off the tongue ig

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what's your favorite design cheat code? mine is how you can set any text in bold Helvetica, make the first line small and the second line big and it'll look super chic.

My dinner isn’t very good. But that’s okay. The food was never the point. We’re just here to be miserable together from a distance.

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