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A refined visual design style for Mastodon is rolling out in the new iOS app update and soon the Android app. Since we’re working on both platforms, we focused on a color palette and icon set that works across all platforms. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

this is not the setup to a joke, this is a genuine question: do you own one of those honey dipper grooved utensils? 🍯🐝

(if yes, feel free to elaborate. does it make dishing out honey easier, was it an impulse purchase, part of a kitchen set, or something else?)

oh yeah, laugh it up. but mark my words: 2022 will be the year of desktop linux!

'morning Mastodon. Today I'm thinking about how grateful I am. Specifically, how grateful I am that a video exists of Travis Scott falling off the stage with an autotuned yelp.

Life is crazy, man. Two years ago, I was in high school. Now, the best part of my day was discovering nice hardware in a home I cannot afford on Zillow.

Anyway take a gander at this lovely builtin closet thing.

links break in a weird way with a release this old so you can totally use it as a regular web browser if you want.

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unsplash needs a filter for "realistic, large depth of field, sorta-ugly camera roll images". I've been using this as my defacto placeholder image since it's the only one I've found that isn't glossy people having generic fun in a meadow.

“Wow, what a great day of announcements” has quickly become my favorite passive-aggressive remark.

i’m writing an iceberg chart for apple because the current apple chart is godawful. any suggestions? cc @SuricrasiaOnline feels like the last bit of the web that's yet to be corrupted. its beautiful. nobody move.

i'm vibing pretty hard with grilli type. if you're not rockin with GT Flexa don't hmu

Hey fellow Mac users, I recently discovered something neat with system web views and Jim Nielsen did a great writeup of it:

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