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i’m really a fan of the where we’re headed with computing terminology. 1990s had some weak names. “you can nest files and folders within other folders” gross. today we have the much more rad BLOBS N BUCKETS

ohoho almost did npm install before remembering I'm tethering to my phone. nice try, me.

one could argue this joke is so dope, it is a magnum dopeus.

stop booing me

we will achieve class solidarity when young republicans realize they can no longer afford to own the libs, only rent them

filing this one under “no idea how you even managed to screw up to this degree but congrats, I guess”

yeah I'm using HTML 6. my uncle works for HTML so I get all the new versions first, it's whatever

flamingo legs look like the result from one of those team-building activities where you had to make a tower using spaghetti and tape

going on a hunger strike until the hanging-punctuation css property is widely supported

This is a slow rollout; iOS still uses the native SF Symbols in many areas, most notably in the post composition screen. But the goal is to respect the *overall* conventions of the platform while developing a unique visual identity.

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A refined visual design style for Mastodon is rolling out in the new iOS app update and soon the Android app. Since we’re working on both platforms, we focused on a color palette and icon set that works across all platforms. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

this is not the setup to a joke, this is a genuine question: do you own one of those honey dipper grooved utensils? 🍯🐝

(if yes, feel free to elaborate. does it make dishing out honey easier, was it an impulse purchase, part of a kitchen set, or something else?)

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