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amazing how you can get arrested for being in a public place because you aren't sitting in a sufficiently expensive metal box while doing so

actually for some reason I saved these files as a jpeg you pretty much have to print them out and fold them for it to be legible though

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actually can I just attach arbitrary files to my toots

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I need to set up a website for my bike stuff so I can post my zine instead of just printing it out and taping it to slow street signs which is also cool but limits the geographic distribution

wow somehow people are busy on a Sunday afternoon and are not free to drop whatever they are doing right now to figure out how to organize an action

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Alfred Twu's Northern California combined zoning map shows how easy it would be (geographically) for the Bay Area to be super well served by mass transit.

All the built-up areas are linear, rarely more than five miles wide. That makes biking and buses plenty adequate for cross-axis travel.

Frequent, grade-separated rail along each corridor (widely-spaced stops). Bike lockers, bikeshare at each station. Buses in medium/high density areas. Boom, done. We don't need cars.

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People in LA Took it upon themselves to paint crosswalks at dangerous intersections around schools and parks

Then the other day the city brought heavy equipment to grind them out to remove the paint

Can anyone help me understand how people see this shit happen and don’t become anarchists

Also I think only grandmas should be allowed to operate any sort of heavy equipment from here on out

I think this is now basically my private alt account for my Twitter because all the people who I worry about reading my Twitter will not figure out Mastodon, but I want specific people from Twitter to follow me here too

I have not read my SF politics Twitter this week and it has been a good break but I think when I am physically in the city it is really useful in finding out important things quickly

One thing that's nice about a vacation relatively close to home is that I don't feel as much pressure to wring every last drop of fun out of it and can relax a bit

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some guys planted a little garden in the middle of a sidewalk where some bricks were missing, with flowers and a little picket fence.

But then when the guy that planted the garden saw a news crew asking people about the unknown guerilla gardener, walked up and said he applauds "whoever did this"

fucking legends

I've been wondering if maybe I am actually asexual (in addition to being aromantic) but then I saw this girl with a distinctly queer haircut at this combined bike/coffee shop fixing bikes and you know maybe it's just been a long pandemic and I haven't been getting out much

I definitely do not have the bike for this trail and am wondering if I'm in the correct place

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I wonder what is up with this tree (turn your head sideways)

All this exercise is making me go to bed earlier and earlier and wake up earlier and earlier not sure I'm a fan

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Everyone has been very nice about me wearing a mask and eating outside, but in a slightly weird way, like they don't usually encounter people with respiratory systems and they're very self-conscious about making sure that lung-havers are comfortable

I'm glad I didn't travel farther afield

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It's a beautiful evening, just the perfect temperature, and somehow I am the only one making use of the outside dining option here

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