my bike trainer software just forced me to update the app via the windows store, which in turn forced me to update my system first 😐

well.. fuck that πŸ˜… is open for registration now.. i wonder if i should migrate my account? πŸ€”

i just discovered the mesecons mod for minetest and it looks awesome πŸ˜€

i want to build a fortress now, full of automated traps 😈

but in the end, it probably doesn't matter as none of my friends will chat with me there πŸ˜…

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i'm currently trying to figure out which chat server i would like to host myself.

i *think* i'd prefer XMPP over Matrix, because of its extensibility, lower system requirements and more available clients.

BUT setting up matrix on my freedombox was a single click thing (kudos!), while i'm still struggling with the correct domain setup for XMPP, although it's also supposed to work out-of-the-box πŸ€”

it's crazy how much the internet depends on cloudflare 😐

anytype certainly got my attention! was i too rash to sign up for the 5-year plan of standardnotes? πŸ€”

well.. to sum it up: that girl at the supermarket had no idea what i was talking about and i had to pay by card πŸ˜‚

today i'm planning to pay with bluecode for the first time. i wonder how that works out πŸ˜…

it's interesting to see a purely european payment provider, neither using google/apple nor the mastercard/visa infrastructure.

it's amazing how NONE of the big indoor bike training applications (zwift, trainerroad, sufferfest, rgt cycling, rouvy) work on linux 😭

the only open source alternative i could find was golden cheetah, which is.. let's say: a tad complex + i couldn't get it to work πŸ™ˆ

can i have an open source version of HEY for my existing mail address, please?

"If we can't have Hey on iOS," Heinemeier Hansson said, "we're nowhere. We have to be on the biggest platform in this segment, and Apple knows that."

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i just discovered aether. it looks amazing and i really dig the whole idea!

unfortunately not a lot of users are willing to install a desktop only application, i assume. the small userbase seems to be its biggest problem πŸ˜•

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