today i'm planning to pay with bluecode for the first time. i wonder how that works out 😅

it's interesting to see a purely european payment provider, neither using google/apple nor the mastercard/visa infrastructure.

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@auschcis true, in china it is super common to pay with those codes, right? :D
here i've never seen anybody using it, to be honest.

actually, bluecode even started a cooperation with alipay in order to increase adoption of optical payment solutions here.

@schrofi Yep. electronic pay quite popular in China. optical payment? sound like high tech cyber 🤣 . But we here already have facial recognition for paying. (even though I don't use that service

@auschcis haha yeah i meant that kind of payment, which uses barcodes instead of nfc 😄
now facial recognition is next level! 😮
once this becomes a thing anonymous payments are gone for good..

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