@wholesomedonut if you still need something with end-to-end encryption, i think protonmail is your only real choice.

if you're fine with "normal" mail providers supporting open standards, i'd recommend mailbox.org. i'm really happy with their service.

@normandc yeah now's the perfect time to commute in work clothes πŸ˜„
i also just change my t-shirt, when i arrive now.

the months before it's too hot, so i usually have to take a shower at work πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
same for winter, as i gotta wear more layers πŸ™ˆ


never thought about tire size, as i never felt like i need bigger tires 🀷

same about frame type, really. didn't have anything specific in mind there.

when it comes to the drivetrain i read that the shimano 505 set is the best value-for-money wise and it's not worth it to upgrade to ultregra. meanwhile shimano released the grx set, though, which might be even better suited.

not 100% happy with my gearing, though, as i'm really missing some gears in the lows when climbing πŸ˜•


@normandc sure, but i'm a total noob so don't take my opinion too seriously πŸ˜„

the bike i got is a specialized sequioa elite: specialized.com/us/en/sequoia-

the weight difference in comparison to aluminum is definitely there (around 2kg between the bikes i was interested in), but also not as bad as some people make it out to be. steel really feels like a smoother ride to me, though, and i think it's better suited for bike packing as it can carry more weight.


@robby it's actually more traffic than i would have expected from a single user instance.. but on the other hand i don't really have any reference πŸ˜„

@normandc nice to see that some people actually prefer steel frames πŸ˜„

i bought a new gravel bike last year with a steel frame, but not really because i was actually looking for one. i just digged the bike and it was on sale πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

anyway, i can totally recommend gravel bikes, they feel like the perfect type of bike. at least for me :)

@stardenver same shit, different day πŸ˜”

hab mittlerweile google mit der startpage engine ersetzt, sollte ja eigentlich die selben, oder zumindest Γ€hnliche, ergebnisse liefern.

@toaskoas "Since the release of Windows 10, various security patches have been pushed to fix critical vulnerabilities, via Windows update distribution. These patches are not available for AME, as this subsystem has been disabled."

ob man damit dann wirklich so "sicher" unterwegs ist wie beworben? πŸ˜…

@unixnerd i do, on my work pc & laptop. not on my gaming pc, though, and unfortunately the biking software only runs on windows πŸ˜₯

my bike trainer software just forced me to update the app via the windows store, which in turn forced me to update my system first 😐

well.. fuck that πŸ˜…

digitalcourage.social is open for registration now.. i wonder if i should migrate my account? πŸ€”

i just discovered the mesecons mod for minetest and it looks awesome πŸ˜€

i want to build a fortress now, full of automated traps 😈


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