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zdf (german television) is releasing short snippets of their amazing terra x documentaries under creative commons. nice!

why are there practically no paid mastodon instances?

the only one i found is, which is not open for sign up yet (would have loved to get an account there).

to be honest, i would really prefer to pay, say ~1€ per month and rest assured that the future of my instance is safe and not solely depending on the good will of others.

EA's anti cheat system seems to be working perfectly! no way to cheat if your pc already crashes when starting the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if this works properly it would be the best looking bike simulator to date 😍

zwift & rgt cycling don't even come close, although they, of course, still have the social aspect on their side.

anyway, i would certainly pay for that!

i was actually able to combine my two shitty internet connections to get a single, less shitty connection 😯

only works for multi threaded downloads, though and it seems to fuck up other applications 😅

hello new mastodon world! let's see how this all works out :)


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