it has begun! twitter folks are discussing starting our own instance

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@seachanger I was looking at domain names, and it looks like is "premium" and they want > $1k. A few others that are available and ~$7/yr:


Just brainstorming!

@jkbest @seachanger I love beringia but feel we would drive users away with knowing how to spell it. Alces appeals to the nerd in me once I googled it! ha!

Alaskan is a great catch-all and feels pretty inclusive. Other thoughts are things like tundra? although not specifically Alaskan. And perhaps not relevant to all of Alaska?

@jkbest @seachanger Moose is kinda funny, considering the whole mastodon thing! Muskeg, MidnightSun, Arctic. I'm just saying words to add to the creative process

@mxsaara @jkbest just tuning into this thread. i believe kevin has already!!!!

@mxsaara @seachanger Those are good! I like MidnightSun. What about

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