via pics! I ride a bike with a trailer, I live on a small island in , we had big tides last week (good for tide pooling), and we are re-naming our new fishing boat right now so here’s a mock up with the new name - F/V Aero

@seachanger Wow, what a view. Snowy mountain tops and great lakes are a beautiful combination. Is this like a daily view for you or were you on a hike or trip?

@jakesmolka this is my life, tho to be fair it is often raining since this is the alaska rainforest

@seachanger Alaska rainforest? I had no idea there is one. Okay that disturbs me, I'll put some documentaries and readings on my to-do list 😅

@jakesmolka yes! A lot of alaska’s rainforest hi is within the Tongass national forest, but we are part of the largest temperate rainforest on the planet. The Tongass NF stores 40% of the carbon stored in all US national forests as I recall! I

@seachanger Hello from Oregon! I visited Juneau last year just before Delta hit, or just as it was starting to hit. Definitely want to come back to Alaska!

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