free doodle listening to — have listened to the album hundreds of times, each listen is rich

my friend made 1000 paper cranes to get married under and I spent 45 minutes carefully untangling them with three strangers after the bride and groom departed. The wind had spun them all together during the ceremony and the filament was so fine we couldn’t see which way the tangles wound. imagine minutes and minutes of strangers standing in a circle in the afternoon wind, gently working together to save paper birds made for love

creating space for art after a few years of pandemic anxiety feels right

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shot, new set of watercolors to try out. as a beginner I have to develop the patience to test my colors, I always just want to get going and then overcommit my choices. funny how art is like life um hmmm

another doodle from a water color class I took at our public library. this is me illustrating my daily dog walking route on our islAnd. i feel like this is an illustration from a childrens book and I am the child protagonist, that I could slip in and out of the illustrated version of myself

evening light on my neighbors free-for-all wall for kid art

taking a watercolor class at our public library, tonight was making clouds by dabbing with a paper towel

via pics! I ride a bike with a trailer, I live on a small island in , we had big tides last week (good for tide pooling), and we are re-naming our new fishing boat right now so here’s a mock up with the new name - F/V Aero

sending love to the twitter staff person who put this under suggested tweets on my tl under "Funny Tweets"


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