Just like Open-source has templates for terms on using software/artwork, couldn't there be a fair term of service template to use for privacy and user data? Like a watermark for companies issued by an organization

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

I don't understand anarchism. Isn't anarchy what we had and then people formed states? What's gonna prevent people from doing that if we have no state? Other than everyone just agreeing on that anarchy is awesome?

A white ethno-nationalist wrote that racial mixing is bad since the genetic setup developed for a certain climate is lost. Supposedly their kids wouldn’t be suited for the northern climate or something.

I can’t help to wonder though: Given the climate change, shouldn’t white people be BEGGING for their genes to piggyback on ones better adapted for the future?

yg paling gue kangen dr indo itu makan soto ayam hiksss mau banget buka warung di swedia tp birokrasi di sini terlalu ribet. Mau jual apa harus minta izin dulu...

25 y/o cs student based in Sweden. Passionate about Indonesia. Centre-left liberal who wants to keep the state small, the market free, borders open and society diverse.

I think I'm only here to feel comfortable using social media again. 🌚


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