@d0o_nctt I'm doing pretty good here, since I'm having my day off. How about you?

@seungcheol ah good to know you're on your day off, i'm busy preparing my comeback for resonance pt. 2

@vhoshi It's kinda difficult to find our members..

@shua Yes, I thought it would be easier.. They are hard to find. Anyways hyung, can I get followback?

@vhoshi But this is good. I can't find Hoshi's rps even it 'one' in blue bird platform.. Already followed!

@shua For real? In the blue bird platform I was struggling to find other members.. Oh or maybe I’m too lazy find them

@seungcheol I’m glad to see you around too, Hyung! I finally found my group mate. *smiles*

@vhoshi I finally found my other kid here. I have some of our members in my followings, you can hit them up Hoshi-ya!

@seungcheol Oh, thank you hyung. I'm gonna reach them up! It’s kinda difficult to find my aegies..

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