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Letme re-daft this

The server has maximal numbers of user. For those who made a bunch of account in specific server, please delete your account. Its not like Twitter that we could sell the username. Everyone can use the same username as yours with diff server.

%. This is a non-profit platform so please keep in mind not to expect this to run as smoothly as the other app. Be considerate while operating your account and do not spam posts to avoid system traffic. It honestly upsets me seeing people laughing at the server having an over capacity yet keeping on spamming posts and doing mass follow.

@hyunjinloona hello, this is S.Coups not Shengzhe a Chinese artist.

@d0o_nctt I'm doing pretty good here, since I'm having my day off. How about you?

@vhoshi I finally found my other kid here. I have some of our members in my followings, you can hit them up Hoshi-ya!

@shua 🤠 I thought you're really packing your stuffs up to see me in 2 months.

@jooheon try changing the privacy into 'Direct' and mention me, hyung.

@winterkim that pudding looks so soft and tasty... Thank you for the treat, Winter! What do you want for lunch? 👀

@shua so are you moving to another dorm until your birthday or what? ㅋㅋ

@jooheon You did? 😂 I don't think it's much different from Twitter though, so I think you can figure it out soon. Have you tried the DM?

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Hello, thank you for your hard work for the past few days. You did great, you deserve some rest and happiness. Be happy, okay? You did great.

@showmu indeed, hyung. It's hard to operate at first but it gets more fun..

@shua yes. 💧 I'd look older if you call me hyung even though we're on the same line.

@showmu yeah, it's the same lmao. Let's figure this thing out together, I'm still learning too. 🤯

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