@silverwizard good question, i think so, starting to try in July maybe? we've definitely talked about it a bit.

@silverwizard yes! Lydia told me on Steam messages, so happy for you two and little Rowan! congrats you and @firefly_lightning

kink at pride discourse is stupid, and someday i'm going to stop being stupid and getting into it...just respect consent and personal freedom and leave each other alone and live and let live

@silverwizard yes, it's easily my favorite horror movie, space horror, whatever you wanna call it

i'm blogging again, mostly just about personal shit. therapist and pastor both think it will help me worth through stuff. doing it for me this time, no one else.

@xnx38h speaking as a member of WA state, we here would rather not. but dc statehood good

i should do these links more, and also earlier in the week. but since i'm kinda part of Josh's brand now i'm on his channel a lot, and often joining his stream a lot on thursday nights, modding the chat the rest of the week

hideho neighbors. check me out tonight, 10:30 pst on Implausibly Average Twitch Channel playing modded minecraft (Enigmatica 2) with ImplausiblyJosh and others. twitch.tv/implausiblyaverage

i'm good btw, just hanging out on discord servers and twitch. makin new friends. actually feeling good lately :)

@starbreaker@fosstodon.org article about substack being a scam....written on substack...

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