So, I like made these yesterday. I made them for like my header on social media mainly but yeah idk I hope y'all like it ig lmao

This is like my first post of art to mastodon I think, though it's not really that representative of my art generally as I tend to draw more characters and it's like heavily inspired by a photo I took a few years ago. To be honest tho I think this is probably the best like art I've ever made lmao

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Please boost, abuse mention. 

Please help my friend escape her abusive parents. Please consider donating to help her pay for necessary costs of living that will arise after she leaves:

And please, please boost.

relationships, breakups, mental health, lgbtqia+ 

I've been thinking and I recently started id-ing as grey-aro and grey-ace

I just ended my unhealthy codependant relationship with my ex-bf on friday

I'm just trying to figure out how my identity, asd, general mental health, emotional maturity, trust issues, self esteem, and things all like interract in regards to relationships generally and if I'm really grey-aro and grey-ace or if I'm just like broken

idk yet honestly, I need to think more

So, a while back I started doing that six fanarts trend that was going around Twitter a few months back and anyway so like I finished the first of the six drawings like two months ago

and anyway someone had suggested Yasha from critical role I think I've finally decided on the pose after like two months of not drawing the fanarts (her as the second drawing)

I still need to watch more critical role, I know almost nothing about the character of Yasha or what significance any of her design has

one thing I kinda dislike about mastodon so far is that like it's far too easy to accidentally misclick and boost something, especially if the UI is like still loading on the federated timeline

Seeing the like Japanese and Spanish on here kinda makes me want to try learning those languages, though I doubt that I have the energy or time for that though.

Especially, keeping in mind the only language I actually know is English so I wouldn't really know where to start learning more.

Hi, I'm Zoey but I usually go by Shoelaces online.

So idk what I'm going to post or if I'm going to post frequently but my main interests are art, anime, Overwatch, and tabletop games (DnD5e, CoC 7e, and PF2E).

I'm from the UK, 20, autistic, LGBTQ+, and just tired all the time honestly.

I'm trying to learn to draw so I might post art sometimes idk

I also occasionally stream overwatch on twitch but I doubt I'll post about that, anyway hi everyone!


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