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Hi if you ever read this toot would you mind to reply on my question?:

Where are you guys from, can we be mutuals?

Having a Professor that doesn't teach well, nd only use a recorded session in class and still he has this Category shits to seperate students

Golden Age of the Philippines
2nd Most Clean and Well Governed Country in Asia

After few years
5th Corrupt Country in ASEAN
2nd Least Peaceful Countries in Asia Pacific Region
One of the top 100 Poor Countries in the World

Uh Oh, war is coming...
Verbal war is starting by China using it's law, PH China War?

Many Filipino aren't aware of this RA-9003 "Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000"
Because our Barngay announced that we are one of the Barngays who's not following the Garbage Schedules, when I throw our garbage hearing the comments from my neighbors makes me angry on how they react on Segregating Garbage, Me I am a nature lover it is a big deal to me this types of things

A simple law that many Filipino cannot do
Separating of Trash from Biodgradable and Non-Biodigradable.

is it possible to have an aplication that the message before it reach the cell site??

I just tested a cryptocurrency in so my 1pesos became 3.80 haha I am thinkinh to invest 50pesos but Gcash has maintenanve activity I cannot cash in money to my coins omay let's try tomorrow when the btc drips again

Many market vendors says they bought it from 280 pesos whereas they can only gain 20pesos

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Today is NO MEAT DAY, there's an ongoing strike because if the inflation rate, nd the implementation of price sealing whereas Chicken can be sold for upto 300 Pesos only

ahmm, what happened my bandwidth is 3mbps but the throughput is morethan that, does affects the speed??

okay so Finals is near at kailangan ko nang mag-aral hahamanghihingi na ako notes wala na kasi akong source of answers they betray and left me alone

so I always see a cat photos here, he it is a doggo because my cat runs away HAHAHA I cannot take him a photo

me being a generous student, but the gov employee doesn't care hmm

so I decided to sent it to the media let's see we all know in Universities evaluation are trash nothing happens

The moon is really shining bright tonight, how perfect cresent yellowish moon.
I can't capture it because of the skyways but seeing it through maked eye is unspeachable

On the 50% efficacy of some COVID-19 vaccines
From a molecular biologist with two doctorates Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., Ph.D., S.Th.D. at the CBCP annual meeting, January 27, 2021
"You have to understand that the goal of the vaccination program is not to prevent covid-19. People are shocked that it is to prevent severe covid-19 that will kill you. So even if you...

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