After a brief interlude to watch the last season or so of Lucifer, I am back to my Leverage rewatch. Such a great show...

I made a set of CSS pride flags a few years ago, so time to trot them out again!

You can copy the code to set a variety of pride flags as backgrounds on HTML elements!

Taking a Masterclass on drumming by Ringo Starr. I skipped the intro for the fans type lessons and went straight to the stuff on drum kit essentials, holding your sticks, stuff like that. He's left-handed, just like me. Anyway, now I want to play drums. Thanks, Ringo. I got a year membership to Masterclass from HitRECord as their Class Projects project was retired in favor of a partnership with Masterclass. I figure I should make the most of it.

Watching Leverage and drinking box wine, as one does.

Signed up for causera to take a class on archaeoastronomy!

This morning’s tea is from one of my favorite sources - Tea Runners!

Watching The Fifth Element and drinking box wine, as one does.

RT @EUinAlbania: Did you know the North of #Albania 🇦🇱 produces one of the most unusual cheeses in the region?
Entrepreneur and food blogger Dhurata Thanasi tells us more about the #Mishavinë cheese 🧀.

📽️ Check the video and let us know if you have ever tried it 👇.



More new tea things! My new cha hai (pitcher) and a second new gaiwan that matches my tea cup.

Been watching the Cursed Films documentary series on Shudder, and it's been really interesting, because a lot of the episodes have been as much about the overall controversy of a film, or the interesting history of how it got made, it almost more just film 'war stories' rather than seeking or debunking actual supernatural forces at work or something. Well worth the watch.

New tea things!! The clay 'pitcher' or cha hai, and a new gaiwan (the black cup with a lid and saucer).

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