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Testing @penpot@fosstodon as a free and open source app for #webdesign and #webprototyping, finally. Quite based on #svg. Good to see that it seems ok to avoid #figma and other #xd proprietary apps.

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what a great introduction to the works of rudolf koch for (but not only) the klingspor foundry and a mini digital tour of the exhibition of the klingspor museum by dr. dorothee ader!
worth a watch and visit! ☺️

today is otl aicher’s 100th birthday. still a fascinating designer, writer, educator and idealist!

when i was studying my bachelor’s in graphic design reading »die welt als entwurf«, »analog und digital« but also »innenseiten des krieges« was really formative! thank you otl!

dlf published a short »kalenderblatt« about him today (in german):

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Don’t say you didn’t know how to support more Latin languages!
Latin S–XL: Latin character sets for fonts that want to support more than the European languages.

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Out now! Lithops by Daytona Mess, aka Anne-Dauphine Borione is a unique very display very organic semi modular typeface.

Its name stems from succulent plants to which it bears a resemblance, and was (loosely) inspired by Art Nouveau, Alzheimer brains and Matisse cut-outs.

Dowload it on

forgot to mention: lots of presentations and workshops taking place as well!

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new here and curious how this platform will evolve
i am (type) designer and coder with an interest in many things!
let’s explore this place and connect.


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