I've started experimenting with streaming on Facebook. Their streaming platform is rather interesting.

The combat system was really never designed for how it's being used for multiplayer games now. It's been tacked onto here and there, but the base combat system is still the same, which is why Minecraft combat isn't as good as where the game was designed for multiplayer combat from the beginning.

Apparently people have been finding my new Minecraft gaming videos to be relaxing.

For some reason my recent Minecraft video series has gained some popularity.

Can someone suggest a nice, fun, and inexpensive comic book?

A line from the first story to be released for the Destroying the Show (and Saving the World) :

"Sometimes I like to hide trinkets in there," said George.

I notice some are using the acronym NPC as an insult, and media outlets are reporting the term comes from video games. It actually comes from tabletop roleplaying games, before RPG video games started using it as well.

The new Destroying the Show (and Saving the World) has launched. Short stories which alter the events of popular franchises for the fun of it.


Castle of the Winds. The name of any castle that had Taco Bell for lunch.

I'm Sir Nigel. You most likely are not. But that's okay, don't let that stop you. Onward!


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