Just got this spam in Japanese and I couldn't resist translating it, hilarity ensued

check out the picts who were early people whom protected scotland from rome

@an_agora will you tell me about niall of the nine hostages?

I just lost all my friends for being myself as they accepted me to be

to see nonduality from the inside of monish gates is the new duality

this is in response to all the tweets shown to me as an attack on my nonduality and from I'm seeing myself from this new precipice forgiving myself delivering myself between the pata and andromeda in this way it is all the same and we arrive at pluralish standing before duality again

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as two opposing gusts become one gale skyward
releasing into the flow of what is between two tensions is a relief that contextual to the soul is necessary
once there in that place of serenity what was tension becomes the necessity which grounds one to the body context

@soupystars @sirocco it's true – often even embedded in our syntax is the primacy of the first-person perspective... let's slip out of this grip...


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