Hello Everyone! I'm here trying to make a squad for 99-04 liners! How to join?

1. Reply this toot with your best pictures with your DOB
2. Boost this toot
3. And be active!

Ps: no twins allowed.

@RPWBASE khusus base boleh haha! Base boleh minta bantu untuk boost toot saya? Makasih ya!

@skzhyunjin Hyunjin oppa, I want to join! I'm J from STAYC, my birthday on December 9, 2004.

@skzhyunjin hello, kak hyunjin! i'm jiheon, born in 17th April 2OO3. And i'm really interested to join this, so– count me in, please? 🥺

@skzhyunjin how about a pictures of me and my ae-winter? 🥳 uhm.. if you let me to join in you’ll spend your new year with me since i was born on january 1, 2001!

@skzhyunjin Hello kak! ENHYPEN's Kim Sunoo. 24th June 2003. count me in jusyeo

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