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massive TW for written descriptions of physical, emotional, verbal abuse 

This interview with FKA twigs is so carefully written and devastating in its details and reflection on abuse


The levels of control and pain and particularly the racist forms of control while twigs and la beouf were in Jamaica are especially hard to read, but author Marjon Carlos does a really excellent job of writing about twigs' experience and intimate partner violence as a wider phenomenon

I’m in need of a career change. I love what I’m doing right now, but it’s not paying enough. Any advice on where I can get started on a career in ?

eviction violence 

This is not justice.' Tenant activists upend U.S. eviction courts

'This is not justice.' Tenant activists upend U.S. eviction courts reut.rs/39WRcpM

Cuddling the kidlins to Clair de lune is now an official bedtime ritual

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student loam (burying my creditors and starting a community garden)

In , I strongly feel an axolotl would have been a better representation for and the dragon spirit than a seahorse.

is wasting my time this morning, though I’m uncertain the problem is them, -mobile or that can’t get their shit together.

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Today's sketch book page is dedicated to people with physical disabilities
#MastoArt #sketch #diversity #disability

It’s Friday… no work tomorrow, no need to wake up early, got some free time…

So why do I feel ready to be put back in my grave?

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If a cop visits you, don't keep it to yourself
If an agent visits you or you are questioned while being detained or arrested, don't keep it to yourself. Police want us to feel isolated and ashamed, by sharing information we can better prepare ourselves and our networks for repression and stop the spread of rumors.
If an agent is questioning you, at home, while under arrest, or while detaining you:
-Don't tell them anything beyond your name, date of birth, and address. If put under pressure you can say "I don't have anything to say, I want to speak to a lawyer" or "I will not be answering any questions without talking to a lawyer first."
-Ask to speak with a lawyer.
-Try to remember the questions they ask you.
-Ask for their card, so that you can share their name, position, and agency they work for.
After the encounter:
-Tell your friends and comrades.
-Contact an anti-repression organization or lawyer to better protect yourself.
-Make a public statement about what happened to inform others and squash any misinformation. Anti-repression organizations can help you write one. You don't need to sign your name, it's fine to be anonymous.
The police already know what moves they make, while trying to keep us in the dark. There's no point in keeping what they do a secret, when we spread information about their activities, it only makes us stronger and better equipped to make informed choices.
Up Against The Law Legal Collective UpAgainstTheLaw.org (484) 758 0388 upagainstthelawlc@gmail.com
Philly Anti-Repression Fund
PhillyAntiRepression.wordpress.com (267) 460 1886 phlbailfund@riseup.net

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if a trans femme/trans woman tells you that you fucked up, believe them and right your wrong. it's that simple.

The communism of the Black Panther Party 

“The Black Panther Party were revolutionaries, working to create a new mixture of Marxism, Black nationalism, and anticolonialism. As the FBI tried to crush them as quickly as possible, the Panthers were fighting to develop a strategy for revolution in the US, and to build a party that could both overthrow capitalism and end the oppression of Black people”


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#RadicalParenting Thread 

My son decided to wear a dress to daycare today. I didn't give it two thoughts other than the workers may tell him to take it off because it's a princess costume and the other kids might complain why they can't come disguised too. When I got the the daycare, some kids started pointing at him, not mocking, but def curious. My son became shy, but insisted in wearing the dress despite this, which made me proud of him.

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more trans politicians =/= trans liberation
trans liberation NOT trans assimilation

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