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@smoke screenshot from the birdsite with a post from user "thrasherxy" with displayname "Dr. Thrasher". The post is of two screenshots each of a different story but both from AP copy. The text of the post reads: 'Noting that in AP copy 18-year-old Michael Brown was an "18 year old Black man", while 18-year-old Payton Gendron is a "white teenager".' The post's timestamp is 10:50AM on 15th of May 2022

@smoke it doesn’t get any more clear cut than that.

@smoke I love how they're going out of their way to not describe Gendron's weapons.

@drwho and the ‘right to bear arms’ to fight off challenges to necro neoliberal capitalism

Let's not forget also when Dylan Roof was arrested after shooting up that AME Church in S. Carolina the cops took him to get McDonald's before booking him.

And Kyle Rittenhouse is basically now the new poster boy for white supremacists after murdering those protesters (and getting off) in Wisconsin.
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