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@torproject Great! Then, in order to avoid confusion, can you change the name to something like official mirrors instead of unofficial repositories? I also think domain ownership verification will make it easier for people to sponsor through GitHub. In fact, I hesitated to become a sponsor because of those reasons.

@torproject Is this GitHub organization official for the Tor project? Many people will be confused by the fact that there are several different organizations on GitHub, and this one is using GitHub Sponsors.

@tateisu Android版も一応長期的なマイルストーンにはあります。当初はそれもあってReact Nativeなんかでやろうとしていたので。

@Gargron @angristan So I can cancel all the machines I rent on MacStadium 😜

@nzws これで入ったっぽい、思ってたよりしょうもない実装だった

@nzws invalidな場合に上書きするってだけじゃなかったっけ、コンフリクトをハンドリングするの自体はやってないはずだから大した機能じゃない

@nzws 何でもかんでもメモリに置くせいでこれくらい必要になってしまったワ…

@hubort Oh, thanks for the very clear explanation! I can't go out because of the virus, but I will give it a try if I have a chance!

@hubort I've never used those two headphones as opposed to you. What do you think about those?

@hubort Yeah! This is pretty good. Also, the latest model of the new Beyerdynamic T5 goes well with this.

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