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Hello World!

This is our first post here on Mastodon, so please allow us to introduce ourselves.
We're sobers_guild, two people who recently decided to tell talles about our past characters from various ttrpg campaigns. Our first comic is Breadfinder, who features Clarissa and Unko, respectively these two retired adventurers who now run an ordinary bakery (link in the profile). We hope to find more people who also like rpg, writing, illustration and webcomics.

So... nice to meet y'all!

Breadifinder updated!

No, it's not what you think it is, but it still doesn't look good for the guildmaster and her red-haired assistant.
Breadfinder updates every WED and SAT, read it at

Writer re-created Ms. Bells at Stardew Valley and showed to Artist. Writer be like:

Breadfinder™ Fresh Update

The "conspiracy plot" is set in motion in today's comic.

You can read it at

Breadfinder™ Fresh Update

Two girls, one empty room, one candle. Sylvi and Bells continue the exchange. No bread or sweets this time.
This is a comic about fantasy RPG characters and past adventures,
you can read it at:

Breadfinder™ Fresh Update!

Comic 31 is out and the Shonen Arc continues! Read it at

Ah yes, about the comic: it's about two ex-adventurers who bought a bakery and have to adapt to their new commoner lives.

New page, fresh update! The "Shonen Arc™" has started already. This is a story arc based upon a recent TTRPG campaign we did. Hope y'all enjoy it, you can read the thing at:

Been trying to earn some skill points in pixel art, animation and coding recently. So... here, have a smol pixel Clarissa.

(Also check out the webcomic where she comes from, right here: )

I care him... This is Kaz. He belongs to tricksterair on Twitter!! I couldn't not draw him, tbh, his design is so adorable!!
If I had let myself get carried away I probably would have drawn their whole party, they're great.

tricksterair is an incredibly skilled artist with an amazing knack for soft lines, brilliant color palettes and just a generally soothing style to behold. Go check them out!

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #digitalart #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #elf #cute #cartoon #anime #oc

Now here's the adventurers' guild owner and inspiration for this profile pic and account: Julia Longstride.

Read Breadfinder at

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