suggest me your broken heart anthem please 🥺

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@aeswinter i haven't hear the song but i'll add it! 🥺 aw thank you and good luck for your debut 🙌🏻

@chaery ikr malibu nights by lany is everyone broken heart anthem! 😭 i love that song too.

@somsomi i think those songs are people favs 🥺💔

@leeknou about everything but i prefer a song that describe when you are in toxic relationship 🥺

@leeknou ow thank you so much for the suggestion! 🙌🏻🤩

@somsomi sooo go ahead and break my heart againnn, leave me wondering why the hell I ever let you innn

@somsomi or am I 😢😢 ohhh it must be niceee to love someoneee who lets you break themmm twiceee

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