@englishroleplayer Hi, can you give me a shootout? The name is Son Wendy. Here I’m on a mission to collect more folks especially my members to fill in my dry timeline. Fret not, I’m accepting everyone! Please help me out of loneliness, buddies. Thank you. 💙

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gue kasian ma eugen. padahal semalem udah seneng dia mastodon rame. eh keluar rumor begitu. i mean why don't you be smart like use email rp i know kalian mafia email. don't trust anything fuss easily. there is no validation tho.

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In case you found this toot, hi, this S_EUNGWAN on Twi*ter. Please shoot me a follow if you know me.

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Hi, hello. Good morning! WanDJ is speaking. Please, spare me a hi if you see this, and let's be friends with me. Especially for Red Velvet members. 💙

The Season Greetings for 2021 shows you our duality that remains a lot with Red Velvet’s concept.
Wait for the release date, and go grab yours! 💙


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