"i want to hold the hand inside you
i want to take the breath that's true"

i cannot seem to get over the opening line to the song Fade Into You

night falling on a summertime song
as a damp sponge wringing out its moisture
a swallowtail hums
with each drip
carrying in its beak a firefly
a stream of light gliding
while others speckle the sky
slow drip of magical rain
then reappearing
still silence wedges
between the trills
of insects singing
an intersection in dense air
of noise and silence

lain flat
stiff as
dried mud as
supporting the fruits
growing under
blazing sun
ready to wither
ready to lie down
down flat

who knew
you were exactly the color i needed
bursting pockets of a
vivid hue-
assortment of tones
each and every one of them
always you

the volume
that speaks in ripples

held in
draped in
covered in
soaked in
nourished in
rebirthed in

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i cannot imagine translating poetry, here is the original French

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when the bridge catches fire we find new ways to cross the river before us

twists and turns, churn the milk into butter

sometimes hurt and pain during the process cloud our vision from the unique form we are about to take

time always brings change
there is a comfort in this reliable fact

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