Links to PDFs of all the Heckler papers going back to 2018 are now on this page on the blog:
Heckler papers -
Hoping to get more papers out next year depending on circmstances...

The Politics of Division
We're tentatively tip-toeing our way back into the minefield that's identity politics...

Too much tech?
It's legitimate to question who controls technology and who benefits from it. It sure as heck isn't us! From online censorship and all pervasive surveillance in supposedly public spaces through to digital vaccine passports, digital identity and the acceleration of the move towards a cashless society, technology is being weaponised against us.

Some thoughts on direct action -
Saying this about the strategy and tactics of Insulate Britain - and the consequences of them for the public - will not make us popular in activist circles needs to be said...

October bulletin
Were we forking out money on producing printed Stirrer papers, this is what we'd put in it. As we can't afford to get the Stirrer printed, this is the next best thing:) We're aiming to bring this out once a month...

Don’t buy it, grow it!
Today was about putting our politics into action in a practical way where we saw a tangible result after a few hours graft:)

Alternative Estuary written and laid out. Awaiting comments / suggestions for (not too drastic) changes from the rest of the crew and then it's off to the printer early next week.

Work is underway on the next issue of the Alternative Estuary 'zine and it will be going off to the printer early next week. The content is 'heavier' than normal - a reflection of the weird times we're living through. It will hopefully dispel any lingering notions that Alternative Estuary - - is a 'fluffy' project. It's about building the new world we want in the decaying shell of the increasingly dystopian one we currently have to endure - that's serious business...

Had a stock take today and found out that we don't have many Alternative Estuary 'zines left. Work was already underway on the next issue but will now been bumped right up to the top of the priority list. Looking to get it off to the printer sometime early next week.

Here's where you can find the current issue plus all of the back ones

Unfit for purpose
"As we have said more times than we care to remember over the years, all of this is symptomatic of how broken and unfit for purpose our system of local (and national) governance is."

Posters up on the hoardings at the wreckage of what used to be the ticket hall at Stanford-le-Hope railway station. Demolished over two years ago by Thurrock Council BEFORE properly costed and worked out plans were in place FFS! No work has taken place since the demolition despite £11 million being blown on CONsultants. We're putting these posters up as part of a campaign to put Thurrock Council on the spot over their botched handling of this station re-building project.

Frances Haugen, a whistleblower from provides internal documents confirming what most of us already know. Facebook optimizes its profit over its users best interest and societal safety.

This was our back up social media account BUT, as Farcebook appear to be experiencing a few 'difficulties' at the moment, we will start paying this platform more attention...

Definitely worth a read to understand the psychology of what's being done to us. Added to this section: Readings: Lockdowns / The ‘new normal’ - - on The Stirrer blog.

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