oh here i go. I'm back everyone<3 new phone and all.

inazuma eleven go spoilers 

this makes me feel Emo........ i love the parallel between these scenes SO much they're SO good :::

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if you saw me post the same thing three times just now... no you didn't ❤️

declaration syntax is scary but i think i understand it now.

we'll see how long that attitude lasts

okay no i lied the notification sound makes me feel anxious now

time to add it to the list of obscure things i will advocate for til the day i die

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my first thoughts when seeing reverse polish notation were . why would you ever use this. how is this useful

and Then it hit me.

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current mood: going through The C Programming Language and trying to write the practice programs. because they're cool.

i like the notification sound it's really cute. blip

hyperfixations are fun because if you say Matsukaze Tenma i will drop whatever else I might be doing to listen to you

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boost if you're old enough to remember when this was called the address bar 😭

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Hot take: /All/ social software should have a place to put your pronouns, and ideally any similar information you want to put there. (Like gender or species.)

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I'm curious about about the trans folk of the fediverse. Are you:
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i just discovered that *++ptr and *ptr-- can be used to effectively push or pop values to/from an array.
as if it was a stack.
jesus christ.

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"cis" isn't a slur. It can be a pejorative but it isn't and cannot be, a slur.

Being called "cis" doesn't ruin your day or give you depression for a week, it doesn't severely affect your quality of life or make you want to kill yourself

It doesn't get people murdered.

It can't make you feel impossibly downtrodden, like there's no point fighting against the oppression anymore, that it's a useless fight

It's not the same as using the n-word, or the t-word.

cis people own the means of production and the media outlets and have control over trans representation

It is impossible for a minority to discriminate unless it's along other, intersectional lines, minorities can oppress other minorities but cannot oppress non-minorities

Reboosts appreciated :3

the sheer amount of asuto and haizaki pictures in my screenshots folder is astounding and i am proud of myself for it

oh tomorrow is the inazuma eleven anniversary huh.
it's only been 4 months and 10 days since I've started this series and yet it's so important to me now

LB (Last Boost-- is that how people say it on here?)
that's a very important thing to remember. waow.

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