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Looking for work at computational linguistics under further notice.

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There is no need to change the puppets if you can change those who control them.

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Not the Fuck || Not the Money |
| the Fun || the Passion || the Fame || the Rage || the Art || the Madness

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"Change the world" is a phrase that have been maliciously exploited by several malicious entities around the cosmos. Just like the open source developement model. That's why I prefer the term "free software".

That's why, I will be referring to "save" the world, instead of "change" the world.

I belong to the useless generation. And I 'm proud of it. 

Bazooka - BAZOOKA -Useless Generation- LP - 01 Useless Generation (ΑΧΡΗΣΤΗ ΓΕΝΙΑ)

I had already let you know about my temporal first priority in life.

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3 toots left to meet my target (announced several months back in my LinkedIn account).

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Does the by-design opacity of free software AND hardware seem a necessity for our millennium now?

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Brain hacking: Can brain stimulation make you smarter? | Roi Cohen Kadosh | TEDxBrixton

We divide draconian conglomerates, not people.

(or at least we try not to)

Welcome to the Copyright War: A War against users AND authors. 

Guess what: I 'm not the enemy of users nor authors. And I have already proved it with my (digital) actions.

BREAKING BAD: THE FIFTH SEASON - Say My Name - On Blu-ray and DVD nowBreaking Bad Season 5

Lewis concludes that HFT is used as a method to front run orders placed by investors. He goes further to suggest that broad technological changes and unethical trading practices have transformed the U.S. stock market from "the world's most public, most democratic, financial market" into a "rigged" market.

> The book here: and here:

P.S. Feel free to sue me, but take into acount that it's for a good cause.

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