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There is no need to change the puppets if you can change those who control them.

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Not the Fuck || Not the Money |
| the Fun || the Passion || the Fame || the Rage || the Art || the Madness

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Κι ένα τελευταίο για Ελλάδα 


I couldn't say goodbye without sharing a song. It coulnd't be helped. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 Vol 2 Full Soundtrack

The persistent disturbances applied to the system are more than enough. However, the most reliable indication for its behaviour (upon entering into the new trajectory) to meet the desirable target of its engineer,
is to be left working without them for quite a while. I had a lot of fun, and it has been a great opportunity for me to explore/discover/explain myself, the human species and the cosmos in general. Thank you all. Good luck.

Live Long and Prosper,

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Resistance may be futile. But it's more fun when resistance is not futile. 

Resistor divider generator ~
Divide and rule ~

We come in peace,
United Federation of Planets

🌈 Time: Such a magical entity. It can be so relevant -- and in the same time(!) -- so precise. It's so strict, harsh, fair, gentle and kind. You can't buy it, you can't sell it. You can't be bought by it, nor it can sell you. It can be the strongest ally -- and in the same time(!) -- the strongest enemy. 🦄

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👽 I control your brain waves. A few others are able to perceive mine. 👽

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Our communication may have been strengthened for good, but it had also been crippled to a great extent. 

Despite the exponential improvement of our communication during the last months, we must achieve much more for a positive outcome to be widely observable. Thus, we need a plan, a few methods, and a few tools. Humans' brain is smaller than dolphins'. Humans have thrived (compared to dolphins) because we are able to cooperate. First, cooperation requires communication. Then, good diplomacy.


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This is an ancient example of a computer-supported argumentation. A lot of things have changed since then..

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The lack of imagination may make you incapable of finding new ways to sell to customers. And the only way out is to cheat your way out through secret deals which destroy fair competition. And when those deals are threatened, you hunt down your own customers in courts. The same applies for others, too, not just Lenovo. Not on my watch. I would be glad to share more real-life stories here. Not just describing the mechanisms with(out) characters from other/(our) universe.


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It's like you have bought a car and the car-seller forces you to be purchasing fuel from a certain brand.

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Why you won't let your customers choose their own operating system for their computer? And, for those who choose a different one, why you hunt them down like dogs in courts?

That's simply because Big Tech has signed a few secret agreements with each other. In our example, Lenovo comes with a pre-installed OS.

And if you deny it, asking for a refund, you are ruthlessly hunted in courts until you admit the price of your soul. But in our case, it was a warrior's soul. ~

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Not on my watch. Welcome to the meta. The currency of the meta is souls, and it can be counted by fun.

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