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Serving the interest of stakeholders at any cost has almost destroyed completely our planet. 

Ό,τι σπέρνεις, θερίζεις

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On the 8-9 June 2021 the TRIPS Council of the WTO – which decides issues of the global intellectual property regime – will conduct a crucial meeting in Geneva, and the EU negotiators have their official position. So, what is it and how was it decided? 

Under complete secrecy. The EU Council must be held accountable to the EU parliament and the EU commission for its secrecy.

"Public and Parliaments kept in the dark on EU role in global COVID patent struggle" ~

Thank you Free Software Foundation for being one of the brightest beacons of hope, motivation and inspiration in the midst of a digital dystopia. I've thought very hard of where should I commit to in order to build a better world for everyone -- and in most cases -- every path leads to free software. It is not only the building block for better digital systems, but also, for better people.

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I wonder how the virus of racism, xenophobia and discrimination has managed to spread so much during the Digital Age when there is a much broader access to information, cultures and point of views (comparing it with the 19th and 20th century).

So, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please, be participative and help me archive a few of those important arguments with which pivotal decisions are made. Let's visualize them and examine assumptions or their weak / lack of support. 

P.S. In general, it's good to demand from politicians to be sharing argument maps with citizens in order to be easier for the public to comprehend how important decisions are made, isn't it? It could also reduce the occurrence of unnecessary discrepancies.

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This is an example of an ancient argument map. It's an easy, simple and insightful way to visualize the support of an argument and/or of a decision (fact -> conclusion -> action). Important decisions have been made for the approach of the design and implementation of (digital) systems. The arguments that support those important and pivotal decisions must be visualized and broadcasted so it's easy to be examined.

For example, mass surveillance beats terrorism(!)
Encryption is a threat(!) etc.

People are finding it increasingly difficult to talk across differences. This poses an enormous challenge to our society.
A few learning tools that equip people with the mindset and skillset to communicate constructively across differences:

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"Technology companies today are increasingly colonial in their actions. This can be seen in the veneer of sovereignty they seek to cultivate, how they work across borders, their use of dominant culture as a weapon, and the clear belief that “superior” technology is a suitable excuse for lawlessness, exploitation and even violence." ~

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The more the need for repression the more they are afraid. dance 

P.S. What's the favourite bank (account) of dictators?

If you believe in the Renaissance (the real one [the transnational one]), you have to admit the existence of a Dark Age first.

How we perceive the world is determined more and more by what is revealed to us by digital systems. In most cases, we can't be aware of how those systems (are supposed to) work, and their owners act like a judge-jury-executioner in the same spacetime. In the same time, the legal system can't keep up with those technological advancements (since it barely admits this reality), and all of a sudden, basic rights and liberties are threatened to such an extent that challenges democratic mechanisms.

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Day by day, month by month, year by year, it becomes harder and harder to access information which explains how the world works. If it doesn't undermine progress, it's time to reconsider lots of unexamined assumptions of "economists".

I'll be asking every day, and I 'll be deleting it, in order to avoid unnecessary extra polarization 

Why it's so hard for secret services to locate and legally prosecute neo-nazi networks?

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