This thing I do. This job.
It's old.
I don't mean gardening is old, I'm not even speaking about the age of agriculture.
This, this kneeling and pulling back soil with my hands, this coupled with watching/remembering/learning. This is old. This is pre-sapien.

I don't get a chance to connect this way too often. Today I've been removing Ground Elder, and before anyone offers sympathy - as all who've walked past have - I enjoy this.


I deep down fundamentally enjoy this running of my hands below the surface. Knowing plants by the touch of their roots, knowing the visible by sense, employing old, old knowledge, watching.

Watching everything. I've seen every leaf, every scrap of root, stone, sherd, twig, bug. I've known the dry patches and the wet, smelt the life in each crumb of soil, watched to understand the aggregation of both the mineral and the holistic.



This is the love in my work. I enjoy almost every part of the job but here is my heart. This long connection through the blunt leather of my hands and this watchfulness.
To me, gardening is just rote without being able to see, learn, building layer upon layer of knowledge.

All specific to where you kneel that day.
Good day this.


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