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I think I'm bona fide falling in love with U. G. Világos.

Found some money to go see Chris Wood at the junction in September, excited already.

There's a Chrysanthemum called Enbee wedding
*Adds to basket*

towels, they've reinvented towels, and they're trying to sell them back to us like it's some kind of innovation

This was a brilliant
Truly magical.
Available from massive

New lanyard just arrived - broke the old one - and a few extra stickers.

One can never have too many stickers.

More slogans:

* Your life—in monochrome!!
* Can it do that? No, thank goodness!
* An abacus is probably faster; speed wasn't exactly our priority let's be real

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Afternoon of Arris fencing.
After a while it was a lot of walking.

Coming in from the garden in exhaustion. I need the kind of solitude only wealth can buy.

Them: It says here on your CV that your skills include being able to tear along the perforations in the packaging of food products without spilling and—

Me: *Sobbing* I lied

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