@splash730 image description for those finding this from my boost:

photo of a graffiti wall that says: The planet doesn’t need more “successful” people. The planet desperately (underlined) needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind.
There is a heart and an olive branch under the inscription.

@splash730 @mupan is it though? :artsweats: Thought there were the result of rip off painting more than drawings or doodles

@commaafteradot Yes. But since a peace dove for the olive branch is missing anyway, the random result of a hen being curious is coming well. @splash730


I know people that can literally talk about how great they are for hours. As long as a mental illness helps businesses we'll look the
other way. We've got a life too man. We can't stand here and listen to how great you are for days. We have real lives to live.

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