My story today was about how there has been a 43% increase in the funds raised through IPOs till May this year, compared to the corresponding period in 2021. But more recent figures indicate that challenging conditions have dampened the sentiments, as there has been a decline in the number of draft red herring prospectus filed with in May and June, compared to the first four months of the year.

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I wrote on the time and cost overruns that are haunting 's infrastructure projects based on data from the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

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Siddharth Upasani and I did a deep dive into the fiscal realities that could have played a hand in the Indian government's decision to walk down the route.

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I joined Moneycontrol earlier this month as a journalist. Allow me to plug some of my recent stories here in Mastodon.

'’s war with is heading towards its fifth month amid increasing local concern that dwindling media attention could lead to a gradual loss of western support just as Moscow is making slow but steady gains on the frontline.'

India’s maximum city is facing a 'maximum crisis'. Explore this special documentary and multimedia immersive published by The Quint on why Mumbai is fast becoming a sinking city and how Mumbaikars are adapting to their new reality.

'The continues to remain in the grips of the counterfeit note maker even after six years of demonetisation which was touted as the biggest attack on fake note racket, black money and cash-based corruption.'

I'm reading a lot about #DuckDuckGo (Search) using Microsoft trackers. According to my research this is not true. The issue is that the DuckDuckGo browser allows third party scripts from Microsoft on third party websites. This has nothing to do with the search engine. DuckDuckGo CEO has published a statement:

Unless they're intending to shoot on sight anyone who appears to have drawn a gun (sorry, all dead false positives), this is just crass opportunism irrigated by fresh blood.


Clearview AI Says It's Bringing Facial Recognition to Schools


'Nearly 90 percent of the educational tools were designed to send the information they collected to ad-technology companies, which could use it to estimate students’ interests and predict what they might want to buy.'

This is an important thread to understand the bitter consequences that techno-solutionism can have on fragile democracies

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So I ordered a cake from a renowned bakery in Nagpur, through #Swiggy. In the order details I mentioned “Please mention if the cake contains egg”. I am speechless after receiving the order 👇🏼

You could think of Twitter as a kind of convention atmosphere. It's useful for putting your work in front of enthusiasts, for networking, for building a professional profile, but the same qualities that facilitate all that also make it hostile toward actually doing creative work.

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“Thus Netflix's problem may not just be content or pricing, it is also how its AI recommends. Netflix has had enough content to satisfy every one of its customers for a dozen years. The question is how does it bring it to their attention? How does its AI go beyond the simple 'likes' to understand that sometimes delight comes from things we may not actually like?”

Sri Lanka PM says country down to last day of petrol

Sri Lanka's new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the country desperately needs 75 million dollars within the next few days to afford essential imports, including medicine and fuel. In a statement on Monday he warned Sri Lankans that inflation and supply shortages could get worse before they gets better. Meanwhile, many are already suffering from the country's recent economic mismanagement.

#SriLanka #Colombo #Wickremesinghe

According to a study published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal, saw over 23.5 lakh premature deaths due to of all types including 16.7 lakh fatalities caused by air pollution in 2019. This is the highest among all countries globally.

Just learned about @nuclear. I was checking out their website, and the testimonials section is one of the best I've ever seen.

A new study finds 3,000 websites on which third-party tracking companies scoop up what you type into forms in real time — even if you never hit submit. This happens on about 1,800 websites for E.U. users too, likely in violation of the GDPR.


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