Inspired by JWST I imaged Neptune and Triton on Wednesday night. My best capture to date, so I'm pretty happy about that. I love being able to turn my backyard scope to the same targets as professionals.

Skywatcher 200P, ZWO ASI178MM at f/15. IR filter, false colour.

My Saturn images from the last few years.

From left to right:
1) 2015, 6" Maksutov, phone digiscope
2) 2016, Mak & Canon 550D
3) 2020, same as 2)
4) 2021, Mak & ZWO ASI 178MM
5) 2022, 8" Newtonian & 178MM

I believe that setup 5 has more potential too, haven't had good seeing yet this 🪐 season.

Last night's Saturn. 200p reflector at 3000mm with ZWO ASI178MM

An image I took of the Aristarchus Plateau earlier this year. I think it’s a fascinating area, quite weird looking.

1800mm at f/12 with a 150mm Maksutov

Helloo there, I'm Rob. I love doing astrophotography, hope you enjoy this view of Montes Apenninus from earlier this month

Hi Everyone!!! Happy to be trying out Mastodon. Took this this morning, Durdle Door in Dorset.


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