Loosely speaking;

Various sources will claim that the the odds of our existence is 1 to ~∞.

Other various sources wil claim that the odds of an afterlife is 1 to ~∞.

...dunno if anyone has ever laid these stats side-by-side, but here it is.

A site that narrows down privacy practices of popular websites, I'd imagine many here are familiar with it, but in case you're not:



When honesty is practiced, it sharpens the ability to recognize dishonesty.

No matter who you are, sure you'd find these facts about the heart sourced from the cambridge university heart math institute extremely interesting!

At the end of the day, the only "job" you actually have is making yourself feel good. Everything you do should be for selfish purposes, the more you can do for yourself, the more you can do for everything else.

Dont ever let anyone tell otherwise, even when it comes to helping people out, ask yourself first if itd make you feel better or worse before taking action.

As you FEEL better... things GET better ;)

The quality between music that builds momentum from the underground vs music that gets popular thru financial contracts is super obvious. O.O

Maybe if they set some space aside to be stupid, they'd have room to be smarter >.<

"If you don't program the system, it'll program you"
- (no idea)

The fediverse is like freedom of speech in its purest form. ^^

Please stop pacifying children with screens.

Self awareness is only possible when recognizing that consciousness exist in everything in AND outside the body.

Think about it, if you look in a mirror, are you observing your reflection, or is your reflection observing you?

Quantum mechanics is confusing in a way that makes everything understandable.

Struggling with communication? Then communicate!

You don't HAVE to do anything...
You GET to do everything!

my computer crashed, now i HAVE to buy a new one.

Instead you can tell yourself:
my computer crashed, now i GET to buy a new one.

Cuz, y'know, in some realities thats not an option.
Don't live in obligation, recognize the benefits.

i dunno who needs to hear this, but give your eyes a rest from the screens

If your attention is "i want an apple" than one way or another you will recieve and enjoy an apple.

if your attention is "I dont want an apple" than one way another you recieve an apple and not be enjoying it.

If your attention on apples is absent than you will not recieve an apple.

The multiverse does not understand the word "no'" it just conforms to where your attention is going.

Right now, an accelerated cosmic pulse has been raising the the tempo and aplification of the wave forms we're immersed within, which causes the time between a thought and an occurance to get shorter.

Which means, if your're mainting high levels of self respect, and strive towards feeling good every moment, you would be healing and growing stronger "faster."

Unfortuately, if you have a negative self image, and you rot in your stress all day, this means youll get sicker and older "faster."

Less than 2% of just the known plants on this planet have been thoroughly researched for medicinal purposes, however, whenever the research does take place, we unravel outstanding medicinal benefits.

Most organizations lack interest in this study because there is low capital in healing or curing patients, and you cant patent something anyone can easily grow.

If anyone that catches this toot, please research and spread this information anyway possible, this may help save more lives! O.o

The world may not revolve around you but the multiverse does.

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